Medium and High Density Foams

Sealed Air offers a variety of low/medium to high densities with colour and thickness options to meet any packaging or non-packaging application.

Instapak SpeedyPacker expandable foam packaging

For high-volume packaging applications, nothing measures up better than our patented SpeedyPacker Insight® system.

Instapacker TableTop

This affordable foam-in-bag packaging system combines the proven reliability of our 900 Series metering systems with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the foam-in-bag process.

Instapak Simple Foam in Bag machines

The Instapak Simple® foam-in-bag packaging system is our easiest to use foam-in-bag system yet, merging the premium performance of Instapak® foam packaging with an on-demand d

Ethafoam® Synergy® Fine Cell PE Foam

Ethafoam Synergy fine-cell, high performance, extruded, closed cell polyethylene foam products are manufactured to meet the highest quality and environmental standards.