Stratocell® Whisper®

A unique acoustic solution

If you’re looking for an acoustic solution that has proven high performance, is durable, and incredibly easy to install, you have come to the right place.   

Stratocell® Whisper® is a closed cell polyethylene foam panel which uses a high-performance honeycomb like structure to absorb noise. This durable material remains acoustically ‘soft’ eliminating the problem of hard reflective surfaces that contribute to reverberation and echo.

Stratocell Whisper®'s high performance (NRC 1 at 50mm) and variety of fixing methods means sound absorption is maximized and minimal product is used.



  • Superior sound absorption in challenging conditions.
  • Strong robust structure.
  • Moisture resistant (test reports available on request).
  • Does not support mould growth (test reports available on request).
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to fabricate and install.
  • Fibre free (test reports available on request).
  • Washable and resistant to chlorine, detergent, quaternary ammonium compounds.
  • UV resistant (Stratocell Whisper UV).
  • Fire Retardant (Stratocell Whisper FR).
  • Excellent transmission loss of Rw13.8 at 50mm.


  • Noise barrier walls for road, rail and industrial noise
  • Learning environments indoors or outside, schools, technical institutes, universities or early childhood.
  • Industrial and commercial operation noise.
  • Hospitality, bars, cafes, restaurants, kitchens.
  • Generators, fans, and compressor noise.
  • Lightweight plenum barriers.
  • Acoustic tile replacements.
  • Marine, automotive and rail.
  • Recreational spaces including pools, gymnasiums, public parks.
  • Indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.
  • Wash down and clean environments.
  • Construction site noise barriers, temporary hoardings.


  • Dimensions: 25, 40, 50, 60, 100mm in standard sheets 1200x2400mm
  • Colours available: UV Black, FR Natural White, Charcoal Black, Light Grey
  • NRC rating: 0.65 @ 25mm to 1 @ 50mm
  • Branz appraised. To view appraisal visit:
  • Highly efficient marcocellular foam construction gives NRC of 1, and 1.25kg/m2 and 50mm thick, using less material than some other material formats.
  • Stratocell Whisper UV has surpassed 2000 hours in a QUV test and maintained its acoustic properties. Whisper UV is rated as a self-extinguishing material to DIN 4102 Class B2.
  • Stratocell Whisper FR has achieved a Group 1-S result in the C/VM2 appendix A to ISO 9705:1993 as outlined in the New Zealand Building Code, and a Group 1 in the Australian NCC specification C1.10 to AS 9705-2003 as outlined in the Australian building code.
  • Stratocell Whisper 50mm has attained an Rw of 13.8 in ISO 717-1 tests.