Nexcel® MF 283, MF 513, MF 514, MF 532, MF 540, MF 552

These high barrier films are engineered to address the key needs of stoma patients – no leakage, high barrier to moisture and odour, and a very low level of noise for maximum discretion. Nexcel® films are stronger than other materials available, reducing the risk of leaks through seals and allowing easier converting. The PVdC layer is the most reliable barrier to oxygen and other gases from human waste, while the outer skin layer provides a quiet, ultra-soft and hypoallergenic surface.


  • Soft, hypoallergenic film for comfortable long-term skin contact
  • Material strength for reliable seals to minimise the risk of leaks
  • High barrier resins to minimise the passage of moisture and odour
  • High tensile strength facilitates converting into bags
  • Available in 63, 75 and 100 micron gauges to suit different performance requirements


  • Manufacture of ostomy and other stoma pouches
  • Wound care