A unique film designed for multi-compartment bags with frangible internal seals. Sealed Air has applied its expertise to the engineering of the frangible seal to make it robust, yet providing a consistent burst strength after autoclave sterilisation. This minimises variation and makes for more reliable performance when being used in a healthcare setting. At the same time the outer seals are very strong and so do not threaten the overall integrity of the pack.


  • USP, EP and JP compliant and registered under US FDA DMF #9705
  • Extremely low extractables and leachables
  • Manufactured under quality system ISO 15378 in ISO 14644-registered cleanrooms to ensure very low levels of particulate
  • Steam sterilisable up to 121°C for 30 minutes
  • Multi-layered co-extrusion combines material strength with a reliable and known burst strength


  • Primary packaging for pharmaceutical solutions, particularly in TPN