M312, M312 A, M312 C

M312, M312 A, M312 C

Sealed Air has been making polyolefin based films for the parenteral solutions market for over 30 years. Our proprietary multi-layer co-extrusion technology makes the films exceptionally clear and extremely tough. These superior physical properties make them easy to process and to steam sterilise in an autoclave. They are well suited to many applications such as dialysis solutions, parenteral drugs, parenteral nutrition and lipids.


  • USP, EP and JP compliant and registered under US FDA DMF #9705
  • Extremely low extractables and leachables
  • Manufactured under quality system ISO 15378 in ISO 14644-registered cleanrooms to give very low levels of particulate
  • Steam sterilisable up to 121°C while also providing excellent low temperature abuse resistance
  • Multi-layered co-extrusion combines material strength with the widest sealing window in the market for ease of use
  • Studies have shown the reject rate for pre- and post-sterilisation bags made from M312 to be consistently less than 1% – a level well below that of most alternative products


  • Primary packaging for pharmaceutical solutions