Cryovac® HydroLoQ

Across Australia and New Zealand's meat sector, more than 750 million soiled absorbent pads end up in land fill each year. Cryovac® HydroLoQ is a pad free, 100% fully recyclable consumer packaging solution enabling you and consumers to help make waste a thing of the past.  

This new way is great for our planet and it's great for driving business profits too. That's why processors are making the switch and are realising the environmental and economic benefits.  Do you want to know more about the economic and environmental benefits you can make by making the switch?

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  • Enhance consumer safety by eliminating risks associated with pad ingestion
  • Eliminate product contamination due to pad related defects
  • Maintain product shelf life with the potential for extended freshness and a more 'moist' eating experience as there is not pad drawing moisture away from the product
  • Mitigates product discoloration associated with pad to product contact
  • Improve operational efficiency by 3% by eliminating pad related processing issues
  • Enhance the end user experience by not having a soiled pad to handle
  • Promote a fully recyclable polypropylene tray
  • Be the change that makes a difference to our waste piles


  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Atmospheric Packaging