April 2020



Beef & Steak is an online Dutch butcher shop for premium fresh meat cuts Netherlands and Belgium. The growing consumer pressure for more sustainability and the need to keep products frozen during daily transport, led Beef & Steak to urgently seek a new packaging solution that was better adapted to the demands and to reduce the use of EPS boxes. 


One of the major challenges that we faced was ensuring that products remained frozen during transportation.  In fact, finding gel packs that met, not only Beef&Steak’s sustainability expectations but consumers too, was no easy task. However, our partner, Moonen Packaging had the ideal gel pack products on board and, after several tests in the cold rooms, we developed the following solution. The frozen piece of meat is placed in an insulated bag with 3 to 5 gel packs depending on the size of the order. This insulated bag is itself placed in a double-lined outerbox with SEALED AIR® Brand TempGuard  liners. This solution keeps the product frozen throughout its transportion. 


By switching to this new packaging, Beef&Steak reduced their shipment costs by 25% vs. traditional EPS boxes whilst improving the overall consumer experience. The new solution also led to better space optimisation by 50% vs. the previous one. 

In terms of sustainability, this new solution has many advantages-  The end user can dispose of all packaging materials in the different waste streams. The outer box and SEALED AIR® Brand TempGuard  liners are made for paper waste, the cool bag and gel packs can be reused.